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Versed Press Restart Gentle Retinol Body Lotion


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With pure retinol, nourishing cocoa butter, and moisture-replenishing squalane, the Versed body lotion repairs more than dryness. It helps firm skin, smooth texture, brighten dullness, and even treat body breakouts (including the dark spots they leave behind)

Encapsulated retinol gently renews skin, while the moisture-locking ingredients relieve dryness. The lightweight formula delivers the retinol results you love for your face everywhere else

Massage into dry skin to help refine crepiness on the chest, firm skin around the knees, smooth rough elbows, and leave you radiant from shoulders to toes

HOW: Massage into dry skin

WHERE: Neck down, all over or spot treat rough, dull areas

WHEN: Daily, PM, and/or AM. Wear broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher when using the lotion. If applying in the AM, keep areas of application out of direct sunlight, as retinol can become less effective when exposed to UV rays

ENCAPSULATED RETINOL (0.01%) stimulates collagen production and cell renewal

COCOA BUTTER (2.5%) moisturizes and nourishes skin

SQUALANE (1.0%) instantly hydrates and replenishes skin’s natural moisture

VITAMIN E (0.01%) moisturizes, conditions, and fends off free radicals

Product ID – VER09